Tuesday, May 5, 2009

home-agin home-agin jiggity jog...

it is threatening to be my favourite weather tonight. it's grey, overcast, a little breezy. delight! i just want the bottom to drop out (after i take seven for his walk) so that i may open my windows and watch movies, write, and listen to music. i am beside myself with the giddies.
my requisite tuesday night family dinner (which i love) was cancelled tonight due to the mother's day funsie trip mama and i are taking on saturday.
now, i actually have a night to myself!
something i want to plan are some art projects. there are so many things i want to do that i don't know where to begin! considering i am who i am...i'll start with a list and go from there.
on my list of what i want to be able to do right now are: making collages, making books, making jewelry and clocks. i'd love to be able to sew better as well. my problems are 1. time 2. patience. help!!!
regardless, happy tuesday!

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