Thursday, May 21, 2009

just a, um, thought or two.

i realized upon watching a movie, whose title shall not be mentioned, for the three thousandth time last night, that i truly do have big girl crush on mark ruffalo. oi. how pitiful am i? you're about to find out...

he's so cool and confident and soft-spoken/off-center in the roles he plays and the fact that he's intelligent, creative, happily married and a devoted dad is uber-sexy to me in this particular time in my life. plus i found a pic of him rocking a CBGB shirt, which, i really don't have to explain why that's hot to me.


i had to proclaim it to the infinite universe that is my reading audience. because i'm all swirly about it today. sigh. what am i? 12?

in other news, i made three new necklaces last night. really. i'm on a roll and though my housekeeping has suffered, my creativity and ambidexterity are thriving.

here's to the big word of the day.

x's & o's, my friends.


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