Tuesday, January 18, 2011


the other day i added a new item to the shop. actually it's a pair of items together. an antique set of spelling books from 1904 and 1909, respectively. pretty awesome, no? in case any of you out there reading didn't know this about me, i have a rather dangerous affinity for collecting antique books with handwriting in them. these are from my collection. they are up in the shop because we are lightening our load in preparation for the great exodus.
anyway, the books are just so wonderful and charming. the smell good, the handwriting is so endearing. they both belonged to a miss edna cole in ohio in the early part of the last century. the red book also belonged to nellie smock of ohio as well (i would assume she owned them before miss edna). regardless, i think they are special and i hope someone who really loves and appreciates this sort of thing finds them and adds them to their home.


Susanne said...

I love your new look , and the books are special . xxoo

lulu said...

thanks mama!!