Wednesday, January 26, 2011

love pumpkin

the weather is perfect today. windy. a little grey. cold but not too cold. it makes me very happy. massive clouds are swirling around and leaves are falling like confetti in a ticker tape parade. joy.
last night my and the husby rearranged the entire main living space of the nest. it looks so amazing now. we have a cozy little living room area with the two tiny tiny couches i inherited from my grandmother, the antique dresser-turned-t.v. stand i inherited from my great-great uncle, the fire pot my stepfather made for us sitting in as a makeshift end table until we have decent enough weather to pull it outside and burn things in it. it is all so terribly cozy.
the "office" area is by the back door. my antique pie safe filled to overflowing with books. my antique camping table holding down our prosperity section (feng shui is fun). the three antique chairs that were given to my great-grandmother and great-grandfather in their younger days (early in their marriage methinks) lined up in a row against the wall to my left. sinewy and stark, almost quaker-like until you look at the artwork hanging above it. which are all very colourful, to say the least.
oh and the papier mache pumpkin i made in september that happened to have had our wedding date on the bottom. i found the date as i was painting it white and decided to leave it visible. i then drew all over the pumpkin with a gold pen and wrote LOVE PUMPKIN on it. it sits on one of the antique chairs. i rather like it.
it is wednesday. everything is beautiful.
adieu for now,

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