Friday, January 28, 2011

thinky thinking. not really.

i am so terribly happy it's friday. the mister and i are looking forward to a do-nothing weekend. by do-nothing i really mean, attacking really fun projects we have been putting off due to sheer exhaustion from prior commitments. ain't that how it goes?
this morning i am ahead of the game on the shop and a little frustrated that we aren't getting much traffic this week. i'm going to put that out of my head this weekend though so my focus can be positive and energetic.
i must say, since we completely rearranged the house this week, i couldn't help but feel compelled to pull out my favourite feng shui book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter. it is so hilariously written and easily applicable to anyone.
i have been inspired to do a lot of things this weekend. planning a vertical vegetable garden, my new project for the shop, feng shui-ing, and yoga/fitness-related things. homegirl is in need of some major stretching. i am too young to have creaks like i do. considering, as well, that i have had them for almost ten years now.
i was catching up on one of my favourite blogs, Yes and Yes, and she is doing the project of 32 things before she turns 32. i mentioned earlier in the week (or was it last week?) that i wanted to do 29 things before i turned 29. i read through her list again and it has me excited at the prospect. yet, i am not sure where to even begin!
hmmm... something to think about on my walk this morning perhaps? though, i'm usually deep in convo with my lady friend instead of doing any thinky thinking. it's a win-win either way, i reckon.
it is a beautiful friday, friends! get out and enjoy yourself. do all the nothings you put off by committing to others. commit to you!
adieu for now,

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