Friday, January 21, 2011

things i will never be okay with

1. marzipan. because it's marzipan.
2. the sound styrofoam makes. weird squeaky styrofoam noise, ugh.
3. capers. i cannot begin to fathom the purpose of their existence.
4. that feeling when you write with a pen that has been accidentally unclicked. it's in the styrofoam category.
5. kids that can't put down electronic devices. or adults who do the same thing, for that matter.
6. the yankee candle company. who needs a cake-smelling candle? if you want cake smell that much, then... make a cake, visit a bakery. something other than buying and burning those nasty nasty candles.
7. fear-mongering on the news. it's cruel and counter-productive. it's a 24-hour televised tabloid.

that is all for now.


Jenner said...
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Jenner said...

I couldn't agree more about the media. Or the styrofoam for that matter. The worst cringe-inducing sound for me though is a broom sweeping concrete. My hairs stand up on end just thinking about it!

Anachnoristic Outlook said...

You are a tactile lady, I like that. I laugh to myself everytime I touch velvet because of you. ALSO, I like the new look, very cool.

lulu said...

@jenner: i've never thought of the broom/concrete issue. oh no, now i will always notice it. as my friend mentioned above, i can't touch velvet. it makes my teeth hurt. seriously. i'm a complex being, i know.

lulu said...

@a.o.: *shudder* aaaaaaand i can't wait for our next visit.

Jenner said...

The worst part is when I was an active firefighter, we attended to alot of auto accidents where we'd need to clean up the debris. The sound of the brooms on the pavement made every nerve ending in my body go beserk and I had to clamp my hands over my ears. *shivers*

lulu said...

oh dear! that would be torture! and major snaps to you for your hard work as a firefighter! that's one heck of a responsibility and i thank you for it.