Thursday, January 20, 2011


i made a broccoli puree soup last night with sharp white cheddar and crusty bread. it was spicy and yummy and i think may have been what finally got the hubbins to stop shivering last night. i can't ever get him to put on a sweater. the house is set at a balmy 68 degrees. so instead i pour cayenne into everything. worked like a charm.
i have pictures of my culinary exploits this week somewhere. it's been a week of pretty awesome successes. so, when i find the photographs, i will post them.
today the sunlight is diffused. the kind of overcast that makes you squint really hard. i'm on a productive streak. editing the shop, sending out rays of hope that people will find our shop, fall in love, and keep us afloat.
we have had two sales this month at the new shop, and four near-sales. near-sales. that's frustrating but true. two were international, which is the reason it was a no-go. international shipping for breakable things is really expensive. too expensive. quite the bummer.
things are looking up. i have a new project i am unbelievably excited about and soon you shall see what that is. in the meantime, here is one of our new additions to the shop (we have 23 items for sale, so check it out sometime), an antique book titled How To Double The Day's Work - 87 Plans and Short Cuts Used and Proved at the Desks of 43 Executives. published in 1909, it is such an interesting glimpse into the early 20th century and the excitement surrounding the beginnings of the modern workplace. as a bonus, this book has a smattering of handwriting, margin notations, pasted-in inspirations etc. i simply adore old books with handwriting in them. it connects you to another time. it is quite endearing, actually and a really helpful little book.
enjoy your day, friends.

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