Thursday, January 13, 2011


last night's latke experiment had mixed results. we basically had hash browns that kind of looked like latkes. i have to say though, dipped in sour cream and sprinkled with hawaiian salt and black ground pepper... it was pretty darn enjoyable.
tonight is family dinner, unless my mama still has a cold. then i am going to attempt homemade onion soup (without beef stock) with rustic bread and goat cheese. you can pretty much smear goat cheese on anything and i will be happy with it, so i am excited to try this recipe.
today is quite frigid in the sunshine state. low tonight in the upper teens. that isn't terribly rare for winters here the past few years but it sure is felt when you have a giant glass door in your living room. sheesh!
well, i must dash. i have a multitude of errands to run and some office-related piddling to do. i surely hope your day is beautiful, friends!
adieu for now,

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