Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lu, and jane honda, and jen, and water bearers.

so i've been toolin' around etsy this evening in between makin' latkes and cleaning. in doing so, i made a treasury devoted to my favourite time of birthday. it sounds totally selfish and self-indulgent bladahbladahbladah, but i am positively giddy from about mid-january until valentine's day.
anyway, i made a treasury devoted to it called "aquarius and pisces - a february alter". it's kitschy and cutesie and all things lulu; but that isn't my point. my point is that i went browsing around OTHER treasuries devoted to the same thing (iiiiiiiii am not alooooone!!!!) and found the cutest image for aquarius that i've seen in a long time. so for you tonight, friends...the water bearer.
the artist's shop name on etsy is jendrivesacivic. for those of you who know me, you know that my beloved jane honda is my trusty steed. right on, jen whomever you are!!!
adieu for now, time for latkes!

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