Monday, January 24, 2011

grown-ups in princess cone-hats

me and the buddy are in the midst of our morning routine at the nest. he is taking a nap. i am networking the shop and doing all i can to find inspiration for further shoppiness. this weekend we took a trip to mississippi for a wedding, we are now safely home. still recovering. not from the wedding but from the weekend itself. we were lucky enough to have our third sale on the shop this weekend as well, so being the glass half-full kind of gal i am... i'm enjoying my half-full glass of lemonade. ahem.
i am also planning my 29th birthday party set for february 5th. it's a theme. i've always wanted a themed birthday party. i can never get people excited about them and (don't like to admit it) i'm pretty sure i still won't be able to this year; but that is okay because it's MY BIRFDAY and i love love my birfday.
i'm pretty much a five-year old about it and will be wearing a tiara or princes cone-hat the entire day if possible whether or not people give a flying fig it's my birthday or not. so there.
now back to acting like a grown-up:
i've also decided to do a "29 things to do before i turn 30" project beginning on my 29th birthday. but what to put on the list? there are so many things i've been wanting to do but haven't for whatever reason (money, time, intimidated yadda yadda yadda).
any suggestions?

adieu for now,


Jenner said...

I eloped and had reception later on where I insisted on wearing a tiara. I think we all have a little fairy princess somewhere inside of us!

lulu said...

we tried eloping this autumn to no avail to my southern family. we plan on having little weddings from here on out so that i may make up for my princesslessness!

lulu said...

we "got married" at my mother's house. but we got married at our favourite diner an hour before that.