Wednesday, January 19, 2011


there are funny noises in the house today. every day actually. boxes falling from the top of shelves and what-not. the house is filled with grey winter light, dark corners and dust bunnies rolling like giant tumbleweeds. that's right, i still haven't vacuumed.
little buddy is keeping a steady watch on the ferns in the backyard. the squirrels too. random things are strewn across the drafting table. a linen cloth. a vintage necklace (three rows of pearl-shaped beads in startling bright orange, yellow, and avocado green). two white mums with broken stems. a coat hook shaped like an opened hand. a little creepy but it makes me laugh. a lone chopstick. yellow ribbon. a pearl necklace. a love note from my honey. a lot of paper. on nearly every one of them, a scrawled to-do list.
it's wednesday at the nest.

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