Thursday, January 27, 2011

otters & routines

the sky was bright pink and orange this morning while i was driving the mister to work. i saw an otter, that's right, an otter run across six lanes of heavy commuter traffic from a wooded area to a work park. it made it safely, thank goodness. that was one fast and agile otter.
of course, being the tender heart that i am, i wanted to scoop it up and find a safe place for it. i worried that it had babies somewhere, that it wouldn't make it safely across again if it indeed attempted that frightening trek another time.
the mister did what he does best in those situations, assure me that everything is okay. he is really good at talking me down from animal exploits. i get really sensitive and emotional when i think about wild animals trying to make it through human territory. it doesn't seem terribly fair at all. anyway, he reassured me about the otter and it made me feel better. heh. it all sounds so silly when i try to explain it.
the little buddy has his morning routines. we get home from dropping the mister at work and he walks around the yard for about five minutes. we go inside, he gets a treat. i try to begin work on the shop while he runs around like a maniac going from playing ball to tossing his favourite green and white rope around. after about ten minutes of that, he's tuckered out and begins his early morning-mid morning snoozefest.
routines are nice when you're a little pup.
adieu for now,


Jenner said...

Otters are just the cutest things going, I would just melt from the adorableness if I saw one in the wild!

lulu said...

dood. seriously it was so scary and so awesome. i wanted to high five it/build it a safe habitat in my backyard.