Tuesday, January 18, 2011

letters. words. sentences. paragraphs.

well, the sun is shining. the pup is spread-eagle on a pile of laundry (clean, as it were). i half attempted a sewing project (which is half more than i have before) therefore chalked up to success. the job hunt is depressing. the new shop is pretty, if a little sluggish this week. the christmas tree is still up (though i packed away the ornaments and garlands) therefore chalked up to success. the to-do list in my head is a long and winding scroll. the husband is frustrated at work, i'm rather frustrated with it at the moment too.
the piggy bank is jingly, albeit rather lightweight. i need to acquire an iron. i can't find mine. the floor hasn't been vacuumed this year. i still have heirloom pumpkins from halloween up in my house. they haven't died and i find that fascinating because my indoor plants are dropping like flies.
my mousepad is a sonny and cher vinyl record cover. "all i ever need is you". it's pleasing to look at.
adieu for now,

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