Tuesday, January 4, 2011

rabbit trail

good morning friends. 'tis tuesday and things are beginning to return to normal. i'm grateful for that and motivated to get some things done. the past few days have been a little intense but i'm feeling good and making lists.
i've been rather inspired lately to do all kinds of things so today i'm going to check some things off of my list, then pull out the olivetti perhaps and do some writing.
i know i haven't had much to say since the new year rolled around, but i've been a little overwhelmed. same ole lu will return, i promise!!
well, i certainly hope that you all are enjoying your tuesday! it's crisp and cloudy. very "almost my birthday" weather. that probably makes no sense to anyone whose birthday isn't in the "first seven weeks of the year" bracket. it totally thrills me, though. heh. i'm like a five year-old about my birthday. i have always been told that will change when i get older, but i hope it never will. it hasn't happened yet, i'll tell you that!
well, off i go! check some things off your to-do lists too! it feels really good.

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