Friday, June 26, 2009


does anyone else think that mj's death is faked? that perhaps, because of lackluster record sales and this looming tour which had been postponed, that he needed to prove not only to himself but to the rest of the world that he still is the man and deserved to be honored.

just me?

it's still totally a bummer. and his death totally stole farrah fawcett's thunder, which makes me sad too. could you have held off one more day to give the lady her spotlight so she could be mourned? girlfriend had a rough go of it, y'know?

regardless, despite all of my beef with mj, he was still my jam back in the day. i wanted to marry him when i was about four years old. his musical influence is undeniable and i'm choosing to forget anything that was publicized after '89. i think that's a safe way to keep his awesomeness alive.

as for farrah. it's the end of an era (no rhyme intended). she gave people a new concept of sex symbol. natural, active, healthy(ish), with great hair! and i'm choosing to remember her pre-space cadet on letterman.

R.I.P. representatives of a time that is quickly disappearing. you will be missed.

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