Saturday, June 13, 2009


i am tired. it has been a long week. i haven't been home since tuesday because of the show and the housesitting. i've got a nic patch on and it's itching like crazy. i'm hungover like it's my job. my job is furthering the tired cycle. alas, it is saturday.
i had a great time in atlanta visiting with my females and seeing a great show. i'm not allowed within twenty-five yards of an urban outfitters from now on because all that money i saved, i am now wearing in highly fashionable goods.
i went to a house party last night and shared music with some new people, recieved a rather icy welcome from three of my friends, and proceeded to drink my weight in booze. ruh-roh.
but, life is good. i'm good. my liver has had better days, but all in all it's kittens and rainbows and puppy breath and a decent day in the life of lu.
happy saturday y'all.

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