Tuesday, June 30, 2009

conspiracy day

okay, so i've moved off of the mj conspiracy theory. everyone else is doing a fine job of it without my assistance.

today's silly conspiracy: sjp and her new twins. i don't mean new knockers. real twins.
yay for the parker-brodericks adding to their brood!!!! she said they were carried and born thanks to a surrogate. i think that's really awesome.
now, i love me some sjp. i think she is cute as pie and i am actually super-happy for them. as much as one can be who actually doesn't know them.

i couldn't help but think though, as ridiculous as i am, about the movie The Island.
in this movie, people clone themselves and the clones live in this crazy, sterile, uber-healthy world hoping for the chance to go to "the island" (which in reality means something happened to the "original" and they need their organs or something).
also in this movie, celebrities have clones that carry their babies for them and stuff. what if that really was happening and we thought that it was just some awful movie with scarlett johannson?!

alright, enough crazy talk for now. back to work. this is what happens on incredibly long and frustrating days at work btw.


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