Sunday, June 14, 2009

f-f-f-f-fo thangs

i deprive myself of several things and today i'm trying to figure out why exactly. here's what i've gotten so far.
1. shoes. i have the hardest time finding shoes that i like that look good with all the stuff i have. also, i don't like to spend a ton of money on shoes but all the ones i like are expensive! i feel guilty if i have a lot of shoes. like i'm being too decadent. where does this come from?
2. belts. i buy maybe one belt a year. the last two have come from goodwill. i look ridunkulous in belts but i ALWAYS need one. i want to be all cute and stylish and wear a belt on the outside of a cardigan or some shit like that. help!
3. pants. i'm not running around in underoos or anything but i want nice britches and i buy maybe three pair a year. 99% are jeans. i need lady pants. right now i want linen trousers in natural and black. but i have the hardest time justifying the purchase of them. what is this?!
4. medical care. i can buy a new hat every five minutes but i won't take myself to the gyn or the dentist. partially because i know my dentist bill at least will be astronomical. if only there were a twofer. the gynadentalist. two birds baby.
yeah....suggestions? donations? give me a call.

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