Monday, June 8, 2009

coffee in an IV please.

how is it that i'm more tired after two days off than i was on friday? sheeeeeeeesh.
'tis monday. i'm almost glad to be at work today (who'da thunk?).
my etsy shop isn't open yet because i couldn't load any of my pics to the shop (bummer!). but now that i have a brand new computer and internet access coming on tuesday, i should be able to get SOMETHING up there.
i've sold one necklace (to my boss) and i've got two on display at the shop in town. that's pretty cool! they've been up for three days and haven't sold but i'm trying to work on my unfortunate impatience.
i have a goal of selling at least 2-3 necklaces every month to recover the cost of startup. i hope i can swing that!!!
okay, so i haven't anything of merit to report other than that.
oh! i am going to go see etta james & al green in atlanta this week. i'm very much looking forward to that!

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