Sunday, June 14, 2009

fetch the contessa whatever she may desire...

thank the dear sweet lord it is sunday. i have the day off tomorrow and i couldn't be more pleased about that. i'm housesitting this week and in my 3/4 month fantasy that i have money and a house, i'm taking full advantage by watching the barefoot contessa and blogging. classy, i know. if only my feet didn't look like i'd just hiked from canada to florida barefoot. oh well, it's not shattering my illusion, dammit! i'm still a barefoot contessa in my imaginary manor.

question: if you're doing a swanky brunch episode of your swanky cooking show, why would you do virgin marys instead of bloody marys? it only emphasizes that bloody mary is a disgusting name for a drink.

the b.c. also has hispanic help on this episode. i feel a little ashamed to be white right now.

happy sunday to my invisible readers!



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