Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a mixed bag

several things:

1. i'm overwhelmed with happy emotions for my friend who got married this weekend in vegas. it's nice to know people out there feel that kind of love.

2. i'm in absolute dread (and pissed with myself for it) of the next three weeks for reasons i cannot express to the universe via the interwebs.

3. i'm excited to see etta james & al green in atlanta with my ladyfriends tomorrow night even though i have so much going on this week, i'm already exhausted.

4. i'm bummed my brand new computer is not working properly. i've had it for three days!

5. i'm f***in' tired of being addicted to cigarettes.

6. i want to be friends with these two hilarious kiwis because they have made me laugh throughout a twisted, bizarre, and sometimes sad time in my life. fly on conchords. fly on.

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