Tuesday, June 30, 2009

random list

'tis tuesday.
life is good, albeit a little overwhelming.
i'm exhaustified.
my right eyeball is twitching.
the barely containable urge to go home and hang out with my pup is consuming me.
i'm glad the first month of summer is over. that means only three more months of unbearable heat! what a bizarre strain of optimism that was.
i need to find my center. i need peace and patience and serenity. i was going to go to a meeting last night, but i was really ready to unpack after housesitting for three weeks so i did that instead.
i can't wait to clean my house and get organized again.
i want to be happy at work.
i want the time and ability to get my online store up and going. it's a month delayed in opening, and that frustrates me.
i want more thunderstorms. they relax me.
'tis tuesday.

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