Wednesday, June 24, 2009

who doesn't love a self-help book?!

i'm reading this book called life's a bitch- then you change careers. i've been wanting to find my next step for let's see...a year and a half now. the problem is, i have a myriad of interests, a handful of skills and haven't the foggiest what that translates to.
since seven's vet bill cracked over $300 and the latest stuff with jane (who, if she's repairable, will also be needing new brakes and new tires which equals $500+) i've been analyzing my income vs. bills vs. savings etc. and all i can say is...mama needs some major funds to flow her way.
i've got to get back to the ole apartmento and work on the feng shui that's been crumbling since i've been housesitting for two weeks. perhaps i'll unlock some untapped financial/career/life potential. here's a-hopin'!

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