Sunday, August 29, 2010


because autumn is around the corner, and autumn makes me think of ivy league colleges and co-eds and sweaters and sepia-toned snapshots from the 1920's through the early 1960's. it sets into spin a swirl of romantic images and the desire to acquire lots of fabulous iconic comforty things to surround myself with. thus begins another little list...

i love the manly things. tweed blazers and leather mules. whiskey and shaking hands after a job well done. decanters and globes and leather-bound books. guys being guys, leaning against cars and smoking hand-rolled cigarrettes. i love the girly things. tryptich vanity mirrors and something soft to wear. a good pair of heels and any perfume by chanel. sending the boys out to do something so we can have a good chat. cocktail dresses. powders, scrubs, nail polish, glosses, and shine. a hand on the small of your back leading you into a room.


*chantilly perfume bottle.


Susanne said...

just like you .

lulu said...

aw! thanks mama. glad you liked the post! love you!