Tuesday, August 31, 2010

roller coaster

good morning, kiddos! 'tis tuesday and i am glad glad glad that monday is over. i was really off my game yesterday. today is a new day and i was fortunate enough to watch a pretty sunrise while me and mississippi made the trek to his new job. that was really nice.
i go back to work today for the last full week of the shop's existence. weird. i can't really dwell on it anymore. the fact of the matter is i'm confronted with the very frightening prospect of unemployment very soon.
that fact in and of itself, which had me quaking in my boots yesterday, has me inspired today. not really sure why i get inspired on the day i don't have a spare second to do anything about it. i'm inspired and overwhelmed simultaneously. this roller coaster is fun, lemme tell ya! a happy more positive post is on the way, friends. i promise! perhaps this afternoon, even. i hope you enjoy your tuesdays, lovies!
adieu for now,

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