Saturday, August 28, 2010


good morning friends! i'm at work for my sixth (and final) saturday at the shop. wowsers. the shop is nearly empty. i'm tired from a fun night of wine and visitin with mississippi and an old bud from high school. tonight i'm supposed to go out and celebrate a friend's birthday but i'm really feeling staying home and cleaning, organizing, and constructing the shop policies for our new etsy shop. so exciting! yes, i'm a nerd.
monday morning i'm going to file for unemployment. i'm also going to take twenty resumes out to every single bank and credit union i can find. i'm hoping a "consulting" job for an up and coming business comes through so i can make a little extra scratch on the side.
i'm optimisitic. a nice change from yesterday in which i was a frustrated crying baby. i'm looking forward to four o'clock this afternoon. then my weekend begins. i want to light candles and wash dishes and wear pajamas and have the gilmore girls on in the backgroud while i putter. i need to do some puttering.
well, i guess i should run for now. adieu lovely folks! more to come!

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