Thursday, August 5, 2010

make that bread...and that dough

good morning, friends. 'tis thursday. i took a personal day from the shop to work on applying for more jobs. i'm going to be honest and say it is incredibly intimidating, daunting, frustrating, and well...scary. the optimist that has control of me the majority of the time also finds it exciting. a little adventure. something akin to being dangled barefoot above a pond full of pirhanas. heh.
i am trying not to be freaked out that i may not find a job by mid-august or even by the end of august. i had that interview yesterday and i can't say that either of us got the best vibe about one another. i was really hoping for at least SOMETHING to pop up from the work i've been putting into this. but i've put in many many resumes and am in the dull process of adding my resume to ish kabibble.
what i dream for is working from home. i know...doesn't everyone? but seriously. i dream about writing and making art and running a successful etsy store. of course, i can't say i think that would feasibly happen by mid-august seeing as it's the 5th already; but in theory it could one day happen. at least i hope so.
money is on my mind. a new apartment, a student loan, a credit card, a storage unit. bills to pay. yadda yadda.
on a positive note, because i simply HAVE to have one, i'm very inspired to live more simply. have been for a while. tennessee and i are planning our second yard sale. i don't expect to make as much as i did last time, but i have high hopes nonetheless. i'm going to cut a lot more out of my storage unit for it this time. that's inspiring.
tennessee and i also have been inspired to be more domestic to save money. we have our southern matriarch influences that we never have taken advantage of in our adult states. that is until we began to mutally commiserate about the economy, money, budgets etc. so yesterday she decided we should bake bread to save money. great idea! we made an amish white bread and heavens it's delicious! it cost hardly nothing to make (especially if you happen to have the basic ingredients at your house) and it tastes deeeelicious. just had a big honking slice for breakfast.
we are going to try a new recipe every week. i get to pick next week's recipe and i'm tickled about it. well, i reckon that's all for now. pictures are coming! stay tuned!
i hope your day is beautiful!

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