Tuesday, August 17, 2010

martes madness

good morning friends! 'tis tuesday, and i'm already ready for another day off. the shop closing is rather stressful and insane and each day i have off is so productive and fun. it's easy to see why i lean toward the day off. but, if i'm not careful i will surely have my wish because i cannot seem to find a new job.
yesterday mississippi and i ran errands. the bank, the nursery (a new pot and a new plant!), the hippie store for an amethyst (my birthstone and helpful in feng shui); and we drove around looking for places to apply. i applied at publix (that's a grocery store chain in the southeast to anyone reading this who isn't from the southeast). hmm.
now i'm going to get ready for work and go apply at another place before i go in. i need to print my resume and get to gettin'. i really do have more to say, just not enough time to say it this morning! i'll post again tonight for safe measure.
adieu for now!
p.s. i found a great eco site for my felting supplies and i'm super excited about it. will share tonight. xo

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