Saturday, August 21, 2010


good morning campers! 'tis saturday. i just awoke from a fitful night of slightly frightening dreams and am trying to get my head back in the right space before i go to work, then the babysitting gig. i'm actually nervous about the babysitting job because i haven't done it in so long and i know i'm going to be exhausted. i love kids, but i've never met these kids before. i hope it goes alright and that they don't pitch any fits or anything.
anyway, i am very much looking forward to sunday. i don't want to do anything or talk to anyone. i want to hang out at the nest and relax. maybe take an early morning walk around lake ella. i had been hoping to do that every day this week, but only made it once because of the hectic schedule and how wiped out i feel every day.
well, i have kind of been in a disappeary mood as of late. i think i'm over-stimulated. too much noise and light and did i mention noise? i've got a lot of stuff on my mind too. problem-solving kinds of things that i cannot ignore. finances, grown-up stuff. i'm handling it, i just need some quiet time.
i am half-sad that the shop will be gone soon. it's been my life for almost four years. that's probably not healthy anyway. but i really can't wait until this roller coaster is over and the new life chapter can begin.
off i run to work, friends. i hope you enjoy your beautiful weekends.
adieu for now,
(pictures to come)

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