Saturday, August 14, 2010

saturday round-up

picture time! good morning friends, 'tis saturday. the shop announced officially yesterday that it is indeed closing. i am indeed looking for a new job still. the interview was terrifying. well, not the interview itself but the job itself.

so here i am waiting for my breakfast to cook and then mississippi and i are both heading to work. i'm not really looking forward to it today. my patience keeps getting tested. i won't go into how or how often but it's going to be a long saturday. i'm really excited about coming home after work and relaxing.

aaanyway, here are thursday and friday's pictures. now, i took my own pictures those two days but when beginning to post them, realized that i liked mississippi's pictures better. here are the reasons.

#1. thursday's picture. only mississippi could make my thursday night injury look pretty. don't look if you can't stand blood. it's not a lot but i know how i can be about it. woooooooozy.

#2. friday's picture. i was going to post one of my friend's baby who i haven't seen since february. now he's big, and fat and sweet as pie. but then mississippi took one of my new felting project and...well, i'm keen on my new felting project. so there. is that bad? hope not. because i like the little gnomey house i'm working on.
well, i better hit the bricks. gotta work while i still have a job.
adieu for now friends! enjoy your beautiful saturdays!

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