Friday, August 6, 2010

felt & optimism & resumes & silly moods & french films

good morning, campers! 'tis friday and just completed four more applications. or was it five? i can't remember anymore. anyway, so i didn't get the job i interviewed for on wednesday but i'm cool with that. the energy was rather stifled i felt. plus they looked at me like i was ru paul when i walked in the joint. *sigh* something will turn out. i'm really trying to stay optimistic and not freak out. at least i know i can get a paycheck for the minimum of another week, hopefully longer than that.

on a fun note, i ordered my needle felting starter kit from amazon yesterday. it was $11, otherwise i wouldn't have spent any money on it. i figure if i invest $11 into something i could have fun doing in my downtime then i won't get so down about the job market.

last night i organized the nest for hours! it is beginning to look really great. the bedroom is cozy and dark as a cave come early morning light. the art room is half art, 1/8 yard sale storage, 1/4 my art stuff, and 1/8 stuff i have to yet to unpack. soooo, progress!

i have two more days of work this week. having thursday off really helped my psyche. i got several more resumes and applications filled out. i still have to finish setting up my profile because it's one of those things that's terribly daunting to me and as soon as i sit down to do it i want to just cry or nap or run away and join a band of gypsies.

it's not always easy being a free-spirit that needs a steady paycheck. it's a comedy of errors actually. ha!

well, kiddies. i'm in a truly fabulous (and silly) mood today as i'm sure you noticed. i'm going to make some breakfast, wrastle with the little buddy, and me and mississippi are heading off to work (while we still got it!).
adieu for now, beautiful people!
top picture: yesterday as mississippi and i went to see micmacs a tire-larigot. a wonderful french comedy caper. check it out at miracle!
bottom picture: the early morning clouds through one of the windows at the top of the vaulted ceilings at the nest. i love my morning time!

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