Thursday, August 12, 2010


good afternoon, friends. 'tis thursday and i'm a little out of it today. i realized this morning that i've been a little depressed lately. money and job stuff on my mind. ick. it has had me thinking a lot of what i would like to do for a living; and while the immediate satisfaction of a paycheck doing some mindless office work sounds nice. a paycheck in general sounds amazing actually; i still keep fantasizing about working from home and one day have property somewhere beautiful with a big honkin' art studio in a barn. then i get a call from my dad about a friend that works as a stylist for a magazine in reno, nv and i begin to wish i could have her job. i feel like i have a bit of talent but not quite enough to do anything i want to do. all signs point to a situational depression. ew. get it off get it off! i don't like that kind of bug.
tomorrow morning i have my second job interview. i really want to be excited but i'm not. the hours are insane and i'd have to work something like 3 saturdays a month, 9 hour shifts. i should just be excited i got a call-back and not be worried about how exhausting a schedule like that can be. i should just be happy. my optimism tank is running a little low today because of some inconsiderate comments i have recieved this morning which is making that tank run even lower. yuck!
what i would really like to be doing right now? taking art classes, welding classes, learning carpentry skills, making felt projects, and planting my container garden. that's all i really want today. *sigh*
i promise i will cheer up. sorry for the venting. picture to come later. there will be an upswing i promise...i hope! wish me luck friends. i hope your thursdays are quite lovely and calm and nothing like my thursday. heh.
adieu for now,


Adrienne said...

I want to put you in my pocket for safe keeping bubbie. This will pass and a lesson you can take with you will be on the other side. Chin up, tits out. You got this.

FYI- my word verification is "dentes". heh.

Susanne said...

Just hang in there honey , you've got what it takes to do anything you put your mind to , so go out there and tear them up ! mama

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to learn new trades with you. Don't be scared of trying new things, be excited by it. You can do anything you want!