Wednesday, August 4, 2010

just stuff mostly

happy wednesday campers! i am in a good place today. a little wonky, like i slept too hard. i had some wildly strange dreams last night. in fact, i have been having wildly strange dreams for about a week or so now. it makes me feel more like myself after not having many or any for quite some time. now my brain is back in problem-solving & creativity mode and my dreams totally reflect that.
anyway, i did more resume stuff yesterday. i've applied to about ten places so far. i got a call back for an interview yesterday at a pest control place for a front desk office managery-type position. i go in today at lunch. i'm actually nervous about it; but i look cute today, and at least i got one call back right? that makes me feel a teeny bit better even if i don't get the job. plus i'm totally rusty on my interview skills because i usually just sweet talk my way into a this will be good practice.
other than that my mind has been in that cozy creativity space in my head. meanwhile, the nest is in need of some MAJOR organization. i think i will set the timer tonight and try to get at it for at least 15-30 minutes so i feel like i did something, at least. baby steps. baby steps.
well, i'll let y'all know how the interview went. i feel silly that i'm nervous. ish kabibble.
much love, friends. enjoy this beatufiul day.

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