Monday, August 9, 2010

i'm giving this a title

good morning friends. 'tis monday and i'm not feeling 100% but i'm hanging in. i have had a very busy weekend hence no posts since friday morning. but all is well. i'm still looking for a new job. getting a little concerned entering my second week of applying to no avail. but i'm trying to remain optimistic.
the nest is becoming ground zero for budget-crunch time. the place where bread-baking, crafting, hopefully canning and maybe even a container garden will be helping to keep our heads above water if nothing pans out on the job front. that's both frightening and super duper exciting.
on a basically unrelated note, i took several hours yesterday and organized my jewelry-making kit (picture to follow in later post). i knew i had a lot of stuff but, wowsa! this was ridiculous. lots and lots and lots of beads. oh the beads i have!
so, i now have decided that i must use every piece that is in that kit and make something to sell on my old etsy shop to bring home a little extra scratch. that means i probably have to get to gettin'. wish me luck kiddos!
adieu for now,

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