Sunday, August 29, 2010

the wings are wide

good morning kiddos. 'tis sunday. i'm happily ensconced in not-really-anything and am planning a potential brunch at one (if anyone i invited actually ends up coming over). last night after work mississippi and i took it easy. we went to see the new film, get low. it was amazing. very "o brother where art thou", but a drama. beautiful and poignant. it is one of my favourites i have seen in a good long while.
today i haven't moved off of the couch since getting out of bed. even little buddy is getting bored watching me catch up on the week's news and laughing at videos online.
i'm starting to accept that yes, in a matter of days i will be unemployed. but i am also looking forward to the freedoms offered to me after the shop closes. that place has been my life for three and a half years and certain aspects of my life have become almost trained. molded, as it were, to my life at that shop.
i know that sounds kind of crazy but i put my all into that business loved that business, and it dictated a lot of things in my life for a long time. now that it's rapidly disintigrating, i'm left with a sort of frightening peace about that chapter ending. i am sure it will be sad and i know i'll's what i do. but i also may have to ceremonially burn my business cards or something because i kind of feel as if i am breaking free. and that, dear ones, is always something to celebrate.
stay tuned, friends. it's going to be a page-turner.
adieu for now!

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