Friday, August 20, 2010

friday morning catch-up

good morning friends! 'tis friday. it has been a long week, i'm sorry i haven't been able to post with much substance or in a timely manner. with the shop closing, job interviews, job applications, doctor's appointments, bread-baking, and other plans (including a babysitting gig tomorrow night...after work) i've been down-right exhausted.
i did however, land one job and though it isn't the one i really wanted (still waiting to hear back from them), it is a job and come next thursday i will be working in a new place right around the corner from my current job. i really do need to practice being grateful for that. if i don't get the other job, then it simply wasn't meant to be (though it would be really cool to do). le sigh.

speaking of le sigh... i have really been in the mood to learn french lately. i believe i have mentioned before that i've wanted to learn french for about two years now. well, after reading Paris Vogue, and a Foto, a french photography magazine at the bookstore the other day, the french bug has bitten me once again. too bad those rosetta stone kits are like $350! yeah, money is tight around the nest, but it's okay. the new york savings has dwindled down to nearly nothing and thanks to a gigantic utility bill (connection fee after connection fee), my pockets hath been wringed out.

it's alright though, i may have a small yard sale at the nest before tennessee and i do the big one in september. just to make ends meet, y'know? plus, i may have a consulting gig for a new shop opening up and as i mentioned earlier, i am babysitting saturday night after work for a customer from the shop. it's been a long time since i've done that and i think i may have to google "what to do when babysitting two boys under the age of 8". breezing past the options that have me huddled in a corner, eating my hair by the end of the evening. heh.

well, the needle felting obsession is still going strong. i mentioned the other day that i found a website that features eco-sound wool and i'm tickled about it. it's called and features new zealand wool which i love. have i mentioned that i have a slight obsession with all things new zealand? um yeah, i love the quirk and that country is just quirk and a half. love it!
well, i reckon it's time for me to get ready for work. the last days of the shop. weeeeeird. it used to be such a magical place. a really beautiful time. it's sad to see it go like this. but every chapter must end eventually, right? i am going to try to remember only the good stuff. the happy magic stuff. the sparkly, ethereal, sweet-smelling memories. that's all one can do, i think.
adieu for now friends! i hope your fridays and weekends are just wonderful! much love!
top: tuesday at a red light on my way to the doctor.
middle: wednesday on my way to a job interview. she's sassy, i'll give her that.
bottom: thursday night's chicken pot pie casserole. comfort food for trying times.

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Susanne said...

you are too cute lu , love all the comfort food you bring to the table!xxoo