Monday, August 30, 2010

nervous gal

good afternoon, friends. 'tis monday. i'm six hours into my day and about knee-deep in resumes and cover letters. i'm terribly nervous about walking into places today to talk to people about potentially hiring me. where has my confidence gone today? sheeesh. what is it? on my day off that i plan to do nothing but job stuff where i need confidence and a go-get-it attitude, i'm feeling like wearing jammies all day and eating cereal out of the box.
so, i figure the best thing to do is to jump right in. just typing that made me nauseous. how does one just walk in somewhere and ask to speak to someone about hiring a new employee? i don't take rejection well.
i should wear my unemployed & hungry but has a positive attitude and is a hard-worker sandwich board. references on the back. i jest. sort of.
more later friends. i'm going to try to rally. oh the butterflies are swarming in my tummy. what is the deal?
wish me luck, kiddos. later!

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