Friday, August 27, 2010


good morning friends. it's been another long, tough week. still no job on the horizon, but i will soon be applying for unemployment. ish kabibble. things are going well though. mississippi landed a new job and one day in, is enjoying it quite a bit. meanwhile i'm working my bootie off while the shop closes down. because of the deluge, i have been horribly remiss in the updating of my blog. sorry, guys. so here's a couple of pictures as an update.
friday night: dinner with the fishes. yes i'm wearing the princess headband i borrowed from the 2 year old's toy box. saturday at work, putting on makeup.

more pictures to come, and i will have actual things of substance to say. i just need it to calm down a little on the workfront first. from the way it's looking, i will have nothing but time in the near future.
adieu for now,

photographs by n. ortolano

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