Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little somethin'

good evening friends. whew! i'm beat. mississippi's beat. seven...well, seven has a wild hair and has been rolling all over the floor since we got home. it's really cute. he looks like a bath mat. so here i am. beat. thinking about my next move.
i've been working on getting the new etsy shop up and running (i'm really excited about it), i'm also anxiously awaiting the pizza we ordered and am thoroughly enjoying my post-work beer.
i'm in a day-dreamy kind of place tonight. i'm dreaming about having a roach coach and serving my uber-comfort soups and chowders come winter time. i'm dreaming about the fall wardrobe i cannot afford to own. im fantasizing about a successful etsy shop, needle felting, books i want to catch up on, patio furniture i wish i had, and records i want to by.
i'm also trying to figure out what i want to do with this blog. perhaps make it a review blog. i fear some soul would be lost there, but then again my readership hath dwindled significantly throughout these busy months.
perhaps i will switch completely to my tumblr blog which is creative-writing based and at the moment strictly restricted (name and content) to three people. perhaps i will keep it as is. i do love my daily confessionals. it makes me feel like i'm on the real world or something...minus the really gross "reality" t.v. association.
thank you friends, for tuning in even while things have been insane and my mind has been in static-y shambles. there is so much more i want to say and share and express and dammit, i will!
adieu for now lovelies!
(pictures to come!)

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