Monday, November 1, 2010

character study

also, mama and i went to a rad wig shop in town on friday and spent over an hour trying on hair. a smattering for your enjoyment.

the minnesota housewife, margie skaarper.

the liberal politician or hip older artist lady who works from a studio in her house. p.s. this one is totally my favourite. what would her name be? lynette larabie?
emmylou harris says what?

the hair i had to take home. this is the one i wore with my alien costume because i have been missing my long hair. miss ade calls it tammy from georgia, but i think it looks like adam sandler's girlfriend in the wedding singer (linda?). not too much of a difference there though.
possibly the hairdo for my alter ego, petra sculps... something to think about.

later kiddos!

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