Friday, November 5, 2010

sleepytime honeybunch

yawn! good morning fellas and dames, 'tis friday and i am so very excited about the weekend. it's been a surprisingly busy week considering...
mississippi and i are planning to hit up first friday (the first chilly one of the season), we have a lot of work on the etsy shop to do and a heck of a lot of organizing left to do at the nest.
i should probably get some of that done right now, but i'm terribly tired today. my dreams have been insanely active and strange over the past two weeks or so. so much so that i wake up more exhausted than i was went i went to bed in the first place.
it's been a while since my mind has been that active at night. back in the day it was always like that. lately though, the whackadoodle dreaming seems less cohesive. i can't readily translate what those dreams mean (when in the past i could with relative ease). hmm, wonder what that's about. oh well, i promise there is more to come and that those subsequent posts will make some sort of sense or at least me a teeny weeny bit more interesting.
that's it for now, lovies.

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