Tuesday, November 9, 2010

testing recipe!

so i tested a new recipe from realsimple.com, and it teased me with its potential deliciousness the entire hour i was planning to concoct and create this. it was hearty and tasty, however a little bland; and given a few tweaks to the recipe (which i will test again at a later date) it could be unbelievable. anyway, i consider it a successful first go-round. here is the cheese ravioli and chicken sausage marinara cassoroley thing.

steps 1&2: cheese ravioli boiled and drained, chicken sausage sauteed in olive oil. (i added garlic and a ton of salt and pepper).

steps 3 & 4: toss the ravioli and sausage in marinara sauce and add grated mozzarella. bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

ta da! add a lot of seasonings and maybe cook the sausage in the marinara sauce (for a good long while) to give it more flavour. also, maybe add enough thick sauce to make it like a lasagna. then perhaps we will achieve culinary perfection!


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

That looooks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

lulu said...

it needs some ooomph but it has great potential!!