Thursday, November 11, 2010

what's up

good morning troopers! 'tis thursday? yes it's thursday. my this week has gone by rather fast! i'm sitting here at the nest catching up with friends via their insightful and hilarious blogs. i feel that often mine is neither but at least i have a recipe challenge to use as a crutch this week, eh?
but before i get to that, the agenda: this weekend is mr. mississippi's uber-awesome birthday celebration weekend. it starts tonight at our favourite wine bar and culminates with a trip out of town for a big honkin' oyster dinner on saturday and a chill sunday at home. of course, his birthday isn't until monday, so i should probably figure out something for monday, huh?
well, i reckon i better get to the big recipe post soon because i have to go for a walk around lake ella for some exercise. seriously. little lady needs some cardio.
adieu for now, kiddies! i hope your thursdays are incredibly cool. oh! and happy veterens day. despite party differences, political differences, and strong opinions on war, i want to say thank you for risking your life for us dan, rip, aaron, tony, richard, gunar and the millions of other men and women who serve and have served our country.

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