Tuesday, November 16, 2010

little sidenote

also, i happend to have made a delicious scrounge brunch on sunday using only what was on hand from the week except for two pork chops i bought for $4.47 (only used two for atotal of $2.24) and a basket of strawberries that were irresistible (albeit out of season) for $4.99. so, this non-photo-documented but extremely delicious brunch cost $9.46 (or more accurately: $7.23)

i fried two pork loin chops in olive oil five minutes on each side. sprinkled them with salt and pepper and rosemary. once those were cooked all the way, i utilized the pork fat (because i'm a good southern girl) and made scrambled eggs, tossing in green onions and cheddar cheese until they were juuuust cooked (i.e. not runny and not hard and lumpy- yuck!). then i simmered a bit of jellied cranberry sauce in a sauce pot with a little bit of water until it melted. i spooned that over the pork chops and sprinkled some sugar over the strawberries. voila! delicious, savory brunchimans!!!

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