Tuesday, November 30, 2010

recap (not to be confused with nightcap)

good morning friends! 'tis a grey, windy tuesday and i'm about to hunker down into a massive to-do list. it should come as no surprise to you guys that i got a cold over thanksgiving weekend. it tends to be the theme for holiday weekends. i was sick on halloween too, after all. but i had a great thanksgiving day. i also got to visit with my dear bestie (in town from nyc) over the weekend. i already miss her because our teeny visit was not enough (considering we haunted each others' houses for years). regardless, i am grateful for the time we did have.
tomorrow is december first. i can't believe how quickly this year hath spun by. i look back on this time last year and it seems like a few weeks ago. so wild! soon, it will be christmas and new years. my 29th birthday. valentine's day, st. patrick's day, easter, and boom! summer again. heavens!
i reckon, i haven't much to say today other than this little catch-up and ramble. i do have a lot on my mind. i ask for positive (and healing) energies for me and mine today; and i send my best to you and yours!
have a beautiful day, friends! enjoy the blustery weather, i know i am. loves!
adieu for now (and more to come),

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