Monday, November 22, 2010

seven things to open the week with

good morning, friends! 'tis monday and i'm looking forward to the horizon of this holiday week. here are some challenges and some happy things about it. a little pro/con list, as it were:

1. mississippi is missing a day of work this week (thanksgiving) and boy is money getting tighter! we also realized last night that the time he gets of for the christmas/new year break is awesome, but also goes unpaid. how to figure in the inevitable travel (and accommodations while managing to keep the bills paid is one hell of a challenge to begin brainstorming and implementing this week).
2. figuring out what to do for me and mississippi's first married thanksgiving. there's a little bit of pressure on establishing new traditions and maintaing old ones so no one wigs out that things are changing too quickly. *le sigh*
3. not ordering chinese food. it sounds silly but i have major cravings for it these days. plus, the place is right by the house!! torture. money is way too tight to splurge on something that is probably loaded with MSG and completely derails my exercise efforts. damn you siren song of won ton soup and steamed dumplings with delicious tangy spicy sauce!!!!

happy things:
1. i get to see my bestie on friday! it's not nearly enough time for a visit but i can't wait to hear that laugh of hers dancing across this stagnant tallavegas air!
2. the bens may be coming to visit as well! yay for possible conductor ben and benji happy happy time time!!! that spells out laughter, good beer, and great company!
3. pumpkin pie. my kryptonite. my happy place. my delicious holiday companion. i usually eat about three of these per thanksgiving. there is one with my name on it at my mom's house waiting to be picked up this afternoon. oh yeah.
4. mississippi. he constantly reminds me that we will be fine and that i don't need to worry. the best part is, is that i let myself believe him instead of letting my worries get the best of me. he's a good one, this man o' mine. my partner in crime (which could be his literal title if i can't get this budget under control, we may have to dick & jane our way out...just kiddin'...).

i'm an optimist. the challenges are gigantic and the happy things are nice little bumpers and flippers to keep the challenges moving, changing, and eventually pinballed right outta here. i can't say i'm not overwhelmed though. i think i'm going to take it one hour at a time. break it down, baby! more to come! i hope your mondays are calm, and easy and beautiful!!!

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