Wednesday, November 3, 2010

happy happy blog blog

good morning lovelies! 'tis wednesday. today i am researching new cities to live. we have a few criteria for the big move and a few of our ideas have changed since we first decided NYC NYC! several months ago. they haven't changed drastically, just a tidbit more realistically for us. it's exciting to plan and think ahead a little. once an idea has manifested then the steps to fulfill begin to manifest and all of that is terribly titillating!
money is tight but i'm also planning mississippi's birthday weekend. i'm tickled to do something special for him and have spent nearly two hours googling one thing after another. thank goodness i'm relatively adept at budget traveling because that's our only option!
things are going well today, no dips, just a great mood and the thrill of getting organized. that sounds so boring, i'm sure but it really isn't!
the weather is crisp, i've got bon iver on my pandora, the pup is happy and asleep, lunch is cooking, and am looking forward to picking up mississip this afternoon. yay!
more to come, friends!
adieu for now,

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