Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new week challenge!

hello friends! 'tis wednesday and i'm still trying to warm up from my early morning walk. it was quite windy and chilly. now that i've downed a hot cup of earl grey, my fingers are actually nimble enough to type.well, this week's recipe challenges are along the lines of the ever-so-common budget favourite: ramen. monday night was mississippi'sofficial birthday so we didn't have a recipe challenge for that night; but last night mississippi and i made a spicy chicken and mushroom creamy noodley concoction that was quite delicious and it smells SO GOOD while it's cooking.

chicken: three cutlests (from the package i bought last week) equalling $2.24
shiitake mushrooms: $2.50 (used half the package)
oriental ramen: $1/6 packages (used three packages for this recipe): $0.50
chicken broth: the remainder of the package i bought last week which i think i
paid $3.59 for. but the same amount of chicken broth is about $0.99
green onions: still using up the bundle i bought last week. good grief these things last a while! not bad for i believe it was $.075
mushroom gravy mix: $0.89 (used half)
cayenne pepper: had in stock, but it costs about $2.29
soy sauce: used a packet left over from chinese take out (ahem...again. i know i have a problem).

total this recipe would cost about $10.16, but as i have mentioned in all the previous recipe posts, you probably have most of this at home. i spent a total of $3.00 even to make this meal last night. not bad!! try it, it is quite tasty.

steps 1 & 2: sautee the mushrooms with the green onions and seasonings with a little bit of broth as you sautee the chicken with cayenne and salt and pepper in some oil in a separate pan.

steps 3 & 4: then add the noodles and the rest of the broth and add the chicken too the mixture that's already simmering in the pot. ta da! you are done. and it's quite spicy and delicious! plus it makes enough to serve at least four.

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Susanne said...

looks yummy , you and Nathan are quite the culinary afficinados , Spelling ? xxoo mama