Monday, November 8, 2010

exclamatory closet organizing

good morning world! 'tis monday and i'm in project mode. i spent two hours organizing my closet and, obsessively categorizing clothing by item, colour, and sleeve length and throwing away all bath and body products that were expired, old, and mysterious etc. yes i had bath products in my closet, don't ask.
needless to say, my closet looks remarkable and i came to a frustrating conclusion. i have 17 pairs of shoes and only about 5 i really like and wear often. i wish there was a program that would accept all the shoes that you don't want anymore and give you a credit for what you trade in. then i could get the clogs i have been dreaming of and the frye boots that haunt my waking hours.
now i have to figure out what to organize next... hmmm... perhaps my thoughts?
more to come, friends! have a wonderful monday!!
adieu for now,

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