Monday, November 15, 2010

little receipt breakdown

chicken cutlets: 6 for $4.87. i only used three though so it averaged to $2.09.
chicken broth: big honkin' box of swanson chicken broth (which is my favourite): $3.59 (i used about 3/4 of it).
tortellini: i already had this package on hand that i got last week 2/$5. sooo, $2.50.
green onions: the same bundle i've had since last week. i think i spent $.79 or so on it. i can't really remember but i'm almost positive that's how much it was.
shiitake mushrooms: i had these on hand as well, but they were purchased last week for $2.99 a package.
ginger: the same container i've had all week that i had originally spent $1.99 on. i have a feeling this container is going to last me through the holiday season.
carrots: also had these on hand, usually a bag of these carrots goes for about $1.99 or so. so, i used about $.89 worth.
romaine: used about 1/3 of the bundle i bought last week for $1.99. i used about $.80 worth.

so if you had to purchase everything it would have cost: $17.93, however this lucky broad spent a total of $8.49. this one was the biggest hit of all the recipes i tested this week. try it out. it's got a great little bite and is complimented nicely by cold IPA.
more to come!

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